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We are Global

We have created an extensive network of some of the largest independent bottlers and brands in the world.
Our world today is fragmented and divided, and one single brand – no matter how known – can no longer dominate the market like it was able to in the past.
Consumers are now looking for the most unique, relevant, and inspiring brands.
Well-crafted, ethnic, and catering to a specific market segment. Some take it even further and are looking for brands aiming to monopolize a specific consumption opportunity during the day.
BPI aims to present a portfolio of the most innovative brands in the beverage industry.

BPI's Partners Enjoy Great Advantages

Bottlers and distributors

Partners have the opportunity to launch the hottest, most innovative and attractive brands, fitting the dominant contemporary global consumer trends.

Brand owners

Extend the scope of a proven successful brand to a global level.

Go Global

BPI provides partners full access to its platforms, allowing them to use available networks, trade shows, and digital channels. Partners can also tap into BPI’s expertise to develop a complete market activation kit, covering aspects such as marketing, quality assurance, and technical services.

Learn from and share knowledge with fellow bottlers and distributors

A great source of relevant knowledge and an excellent way to find meaningful, valuable synergy options, enabling beverage companies to greatly benefit while increasing revenues and reducing costs in several areas: necessary equipment, rapid manufacturing costs, key vendors, media exposure, trade shows activities, et cetera.

Our Portfolio


Wellness & Functional
Dilmah – Iced Tea
Learn more
ZICO – A world Leader Coconut water!
Learn more
Compal – Expert in fruitology since 1952
Learn more
SoPro – Protein Water
Learn more
Raybu BCAA – Performance & Energy
Learn more
Raybu USA
Learn more
BioLift – backed by science focus Drink
Learn more
BOOST – The 3rd largest functional drink in the UK!
Learn more
Raybu – Immunity Shots Booster
Learn more
Sumo – Burn Calories
Learn more
Chahoo Cola – Craft Cola, Georgia, USA
Chahoo Cola
Learn more
Sumol – Lightly sparkling drink with real juice
Learn more
Zedazeni – Craft Georgian Lemonade
Learn more
Chito – Premium Mixers
Learn more
Kofola – Craft 14 herb’s Cola
Learn more
Ragnar – Royal Viking Alcohol Free Beer
Learn more
CBD Beverages
Raybu Sparkling CBD Water –
Unwind & Relax
Learn more
Raybu BCAA CBD –
Performance & Recovery
Learn more
Radenska – Natural Mineral Water
Learn more

Our Services


For us at BPI, it’s all about sharing experiences and finding ways to adequately help each other. We strongly believe in the power of our global partner network as a means to advance as a group, and we are actively looking for new, strong partners to further extend our network.

Launching a BPI Brand? Receive our “Launching Pack Support“

Market Activation Kit

BPI’s Marketing Group will provide a complete marketing strategy, including branding pack, brand book, and best practices (ATL, BTL, Guerilla marketing, and digital strategy).

Market and Finance Analysis

We always study market data before presenting our recommendations to our bottlers/ distributors. We use our extensive experience in global markets to create a complete business plan.

Quality Assurance & Technical Support

Our team of experts is available 24/7 to provide assistance throughout the bottling process, introducing the bottler to a global quality standard for finished products, while ensuring our partner facilities meet international guidelines. Finally, our team will focus on reaching the highest possible efficiency levels of the production facility.

Visit BPI's Global Markets Partners

Learn from each other’s experiences, e.g. Bottler 2 Bottler and Distributor 2 Distributor.

R&D Support

Taste profiles and consumption habits vary a lot. BPI’s Support Team will work with the bottler’s and distributor’s teams to conduct the appropriate studies and score the best results.

Annual Partners Meeting

This meeting takes place in one of our bottler’s or distributor’s local markets, with the purpose to educate each other and share experiences.

Attend Trade Shows on the BPI Booth

Meet partners and take the opportunity to present your top brands

Our Blog

Stay in the know

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Key Coffee Trends for 2020 and Beyond
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