The new Dilmah Campaign “One By One”

We’re delighted to introduce the Dilmah Ceylon Iced Tea new campaign for 2023!

Our single-source Ceylon Tea leaves are handpicked from the Dilmah tea gardens of Sri Lanka, one-by-one, for uncompromising tea quality and delicious taste.


Each leaf is handpicked, processed and packed on-site to lock in its freshness, flavor and antioxidant benefits. It is this care that gives Dilmah Ceylon Iced Tea its authentic fragrance and aroma.


Dilmah Iced Tea: a perfect moment of refreshment in your day. With the artisan goodness and antioxidants of pure Ceylon Tea in every sip. One-By-One.

Creative by the amazing team at BRATOSS – Total Branding

To find out more about Dilmah Ceylon Iced Tea, contact info@bpi-bev.com

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