Independent bottlers: finding opportunity in crisis

Covid-19 has challenged everyone to reassess their current business models and product portfolios, to recognize the opportunities that are being created and act on them fast.


Large scale independent bottlers and distributors need to be adjusting their portfolios now in order to increase their share in the functional beverage market and meet current and upcoming consumer touchpoints.

A unique turnkey solution for launching new brands to market

BPI fulfils a clear need by offering a license opportunity for some of the world’s most innovative brands. BPI’s unique turnkey solution includes a complete marketing launching kit + beverage compound and technical support, to help bottlers to quickly introduce brands which match current consumer trends.


Independent bottlers can increase their market share over the industry’s two dominant giants, from convenience shops and mom-and-pop stores to online, by introducing Raybu Immunity shots, Raybu BCAA Energy and BOOST full functional range.


BPI also offers cost-saving opportunities by matching bottlers’ current beverage compound with cost-efficient compound solutions.

That’s where BPI comes in. 


BPI’s portfolio contains some of the global beverage industry’s most innovative brands, and with an extensive network connecting some of the largest independent bottlers and brands in the world, it has the means to deliver them. By implementing our vast experience and knowledge, we hope to help you enjoy the same success. 

Why join BPI? Ask our partners...

Simon Gray, CEO of BOOST Drinks:

“Following many years of significant and sustained growth in the UK, BOOST is a sought-after brand in international markets and on the back of the functional drinks market growing significantly all over the world we hope to capitalise on this and expand internationally. Being part of the disruptive group of Beverage Partners International it provides us with an effective route to global markets and while the COVID-19 pandemic has created huge challenges for international business BPI presents an agile and effective solution.” 


Richard Baister, CEO of SoPro Protein Water:

“Joining the BPI network was an easy decision for us as we have ambitious expansion plans and this offered a way to introduce our SoPro Protein Water range into new territories.

We have found that our partnership with BPI has removed some of the barriers to entry that are usually encountered when trying to expand into new markets, with BPI introducing us to its bottlers and distribution partners who are already keen to bring the hottest and most innovative brands to their local markets. 

All around the world consumers are looking for drinks that offer clear health benefits and each bottle of SoPro delivers 20g of our unique and fully dissolved whey / collagen protein blend, with zero artificial ingredients, no sugar and no chalky mouthfeel.  That’s a winning combination for health conscious consumers globally.”

If you are a Bottler or a Distributor, we invite you to contact BPI and join us for a unique opportunity to revolutionise your beverage business

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    We have created an extensive network of some of the largest independent bottlers and brands in the world.


    Consumers are now looking for the most unique, relevant, and inspiring brands.


    BPI aims to present a portfolio of the most innovative brands in the beverage industry.

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