Interview with Dilhan C. Fernando – CEO, Dilmah Tea

BPI Beverage Insights 2021, Episode 2. Interview with Dilhan C. Fernando – 

CEO, Dilmah Tea.


Welcome to Episode 2 of BPI Beverage Insights 2021! This month, Bryony Andrews speaks to Dilhan C. Fernando, CEO of Dilmah Tea, a global award winning leader in the premium tea market.


In this episode, we discuss authenticity and the importance of remaining true to your brand values in today’s crowded beverage marketplace. Dilmah’s first commitment is to quality, Dilhan explains, and the most commercially viable choices aren’t always the right ones. Dilmah’s priority is “making business a matter of human service” – from hand-picking and processing its single origin Ceylon tea leaves to putting 15% of pre-tax earnings into its charitable foundation.


We also talk about the launch of Dilmah RTD Tea, in partnership with BPI, which brings the taste, quality, and unique provenance of Dilmah tea to the global ready-to-drink tea market. 


Health and wellness is set to continue as a key trend in the tea category, and Dilhan believes that Dilmah provides the balance between demand for products that are naturally good for you, and consumers’ conflicting desire for indulgence. Take a look at our full conversation below. 

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