BPI proudly welcomes BOOST to its beverage group. BOOST Drinks is now available for licensing and importing the world over.

BOOST Drinks is now available for licensing and importing the world over
BOOST Drinks is the 4th fastest selling soft drink brand in the UK. It is one of only three energy brands that have shown continuous market growth year over year.
BOOST Drinks contains 4 great functional beverage categories:
  • Stimulation energy drink– the 3rd largest in the UK!
  • Sports drink- the fastest growing in the UK!
  • Protein shake 20mg – the 3rd largest RTD protein drink in the UK!
  • Iced coffee – the new rising star in the BOOST Drinks family!

About BOOST:

BOOST is not your ordinary energy drink, and that is exactly what we love about it. Here is the story as we like to tell it:
BOOST started off small and humble with a single product: a 1 liter bottle energy drink. The business grew rapidly as customers fell in love with its unique and refreshing taste.Demand skyrocketed, and today, less than two decades since its founding, BOOST is one of the market leaders. 
It has nearly 20 different products, 4 different fantastic product lines, all of which come in all shapes and sizes – bottles, cans and even shots.

With great power, comes great responsibility.
BOOST is using its far-reaching influence to make the world a better place. 
It has supported independent businesses since 2001, it is constantly looking for greener ways to do things, and of course – it provides a range of functional drinks that meet everyone’s needs.

We are thrilled to offer BOOST’s success story to our global partners.
By implementing our vast experience and knowledge, we hope to help you enjoy the same success. 

                      If you are a Bottler or a Distributor you are welcome to contact BPI and join us.

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