A Great Way to Run Beverage Business in the Modern World

If you are an independent bottler, beverage distributor or entrepreneur with a new beverage business, but your business is not growing and expanding just as quickly as you had hoped, Co–Beveraging is something you should take a closer look at.

  • In the modern world with a complex global market and tough economy we are facing rapidly changing consumer demands, new brands emerging and old ones disappearing, and global trends shifting away from traditional beverages towards new, craft & functional beverages. 
  • It is quite challenging for one single company to compete successfully under such conditions. You do the best you can with the knowledge and access to resources you have, but it is often not enough.
  • As an independent bottler, brand owner or beverage distributor, you are up against large international vendors and retailers consolidating and aggressive Mergers and Acquisitions policies. 

This is where Beverage Partners International (BPI) comes into play.

Co-working, co-living, co-driving are growing trends that have proven their success and demonstrated power of working together as with Uber, WeWork and others. 

BPI is based on the same concept: sharing. Sharing knowledge and resources, access to network and connections in the beverage market. 

  • When you join BPI platform, you become a part of a large international group of beverage companies cooperating on all aspects of the business.

  • By having access to BPI resources you will be able to better utilize production capacity, increase the company’s value with international expansion by presenting your brands to the largest bottlers and beverage distributors from all over the world, create a competitive brands portfolio by expanding your portfolio with proven successful brands and so much more!

  • Your consumers win too: they will get a wider variety of products and better brands that are much more relevant to their needs, demands and preferences.


If you have been actively looking to grow your variety and expand your brands globally, BPI is your unique opportunity to revolutionize your beverage business.

Adopt a smart business strategy. Partner, import, export & license unique successful brands. Cooperate. Collaborate. Co-Beverage.

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