The use of cannabinoids and terrapenes – mostly extracted from Hemp, which is known for its high CBD and low THC – has created a totally new category in the functional beverage space.
Broad spectrum CBD formulations contain the complete range of cannabinoids and terpenes found in the plant, and are known for their relaxation, anti-stress, balance & general well-being effects.
As consumers keep looking to improve their well-being, CBD beverages are revolutionizing the beverage market.

To help you with your cannabinoid beverage development, the BPI team has prepared a list of ‘do and don’t’ insights – take a look below.


1. Target Niche Markets.
The most profitable brands are those that target niche markets/segments. We recommend focusing on OFS (One Single Functionality).


2. Team Up
CBD alone is not enough – combine it with other compounds that will act synergistically to benefit from the entourage effect.


3. Manage Expectations.
Set the right expectations for your consumers. Unlike caffeine, the effect of CBD isn’t immediate. You need to clarify its benefits in order to guarantee high levels of customer satisfaction .


4. Think Beyond CBD.
CBD is the most recognized molecule, but the plant provides so many other functional benefits. Think cannabinoids… beyond CBD.


5. Keep Records.
Make sure that you have a clear tracking record of the strain of the plant. This is critical for building brand credibility.


1. Downplay your product.
Cannabinoids are a powerful ancient remedy with endless medicinal attributes. Don’t brand your product as just another ‘soft drink’. Give it the premium platform it deserves.


2. Skimp on the science.
Be careful when using water soluble CBD that isn’t backed by strong scientific evidence.


3. Use inadequate manufacturing processes.
CBD oil tends to stick to the inner wall of the packaging.


4. Don’t start with the brand.
Spend time investigating the functionality of the beverage first, and from there develop your product and brand organically.


5. Rush.
Take your time. Yes, the market is growing … but only quality brands with a clear value proposition will last the test of time.

At BPI, we are uniquely positioned to provide unmatched expertise on brand building, R&D, commercial, retail, wholesale and manufacturing. When you join the BPI international hub, you become part of a global partnership, gaining access to all the knowledge and know-how of our brand partners across the world. We offer a super-fast route to market, so you can meet untapped needs of today’s health-engaged consumers, and build a competitive brand portfolio with proven, successful brands.


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