BPI partners with fruit beverage leader SUMOL+COMPAL

BPI has the great pleasure of announcing that moving forward, it will offer a licensing and distribution opportunity for SUMOL+COMPAL, a world-leading market player in the fruit beverages category.


SUMOL+COMPAL is the largest juice producer in Portugal, with a global footprint in more than 68 countries around the world. The proud owner of a varied portfolio of 16 brands, the company’s offering is split across 6 different segments: juices and nectars, soft drinks, water, snacks, vegetables and alcoholic drinks.


Moshy Cohen, CEO, BPI, commented: “We are very proud to partner with S+C in their rapid international expansion. S+C is a company with unique know-how in the juice based beverage market, and excellent brands that can significantly improve the capabilities and competitive advantage of BPI’s bottlers across the world.”


Nadia Franco, S+C, Head of New Business, Int’l, added: “Sumol and Compal have great momentum in international markets. Both brands present superior products and unique positioning that perfectly fit the most important consumer trends.


“We are excited to join BPI and present licensing opportunities for it’s bottlers and distributors network across the world. We love our business, our brands and what we do. We want to keep doing better. We improve continuously and we think positively.”

Complementing a Healthy Lifestyle

SUMOL+COMPAL bases its ethos on inspiration it draws from fruits, vegetables and water, all indispensable natural sources of nutrition, hydration and pleasure. The global market for juice-based beverages, both fruit and vegetable-based, is projected to continue to grow thanks to innovation in the category alongside consumer demand for products that enable a healthy lifestyle.


The drive for Health and Wellness is providing huge opportunities for pioneering beverage industry players. Rising interest in non-alcoholic drinks options and beverages that complement a healthy lifestyle means that SUMOL+COMPAL offers a dynamic opportunity within the beverage category, targeting consumers with tasty, nutritious fruit and vegetable ingredients via established brands and exciting flavors.


Flagship brand COMPAL is the market leader in the Juice category in Portugal, with over 60% market share in the country as well as a global presence, owing its loyal consumer following to its delicious and nutritional juices and nectars – picked at the perfect moment to ensure the final product is always rich in nutrients, and keeps the flavor and aroma of freshly-picked fruit.

SUMOL, meanwhile, is a slightly sparkling drink made with real fruit juice and pulp. With a wide and unique range of fruit flavors and a 62.4% market share in Portugal, it is perfect for consumers looking for refreshment without compromising on their health and wellness lifestyle.

Meeting demand for healthy, low calorie beverages containing real fruit and vegetable ingredients, SUMOL+COMPAL’s natural products provide a unique offering that plays into its consumer for individualized products, with a unique range of fruit flavours available in its striking and iconic branded packaging.

BPI - A Cutting-Edge Portfolio

BPI’s portfolio contains some of the global beverage industry’s most innovative brands, and with an extensive network connecting some of the largest independent bottlers and brands in the world, it has the means to deliver them. By implementing our vast experience and knowledge, we hope to help you enjoy the same success.


If you are a Bottler or a Distributor, we invite you to contact BPI and join us for a unique opportunity to revolutionize your beverage business.

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