With BPI, MIT Spinout company Sandymount is taking local craft beer brands global

Bottlers now can fill beer on beverage filling lines without the need to invest in a brewery!

Beer is 95% water – making it one of the most heavy and expensive products to transport. The supply chain for Coca-Cola, by contrast, is very lean – with Coke being shipped to bottling plants or restaurants as a concentrate. What if it were possible to squeeze beer down into a concentrated liquid – while maintaining its delicate flavour profile? That’s the very approach MIT alum Ronan McGovern had in mind when he founded Sandymount in 2015, which has since grown to serve the world’s largest brewers.


Based on experience working with membrane technology for desalination, Sandymount has patented an evolution of the technology – known as Revos – that allows water to be removed from beer, while retaining key flavours, aromas and source-water minerals. The result is that brewers can now export beer as a concentrate – often saving over 75% on transport costs. Sandymount has also developed a proprietary dispense machine – the Sandymount Draft – for bars and cafes, allowing venues to serve 50 litres of beer from a 10 liter mini keg.


Working together, Sandymount and BPI are combining their networks of brewers and bottlers to bring renowned local beer brands to a global audience of bottlers. Stay tuned for an upcoming announcement of our launch portfolio.

About BPI-

The independent beverage group.

When you join BPI platform, you become a part of a large international group of beverage companies cooperating on all aspects of the business.


By having access to BPI resources you will be able to increase the company’s value with international expansion by presenting your brands to the largest bottlers and beverage distributors from all over the world, create a competitive brands portfolio by expanding your portfolio with proven successful brands and so much more!


BPI represents some of the most innovative brands in the beverage world with a proven success record. Our brands portfolio is focused on Craft & Functional Beverages with unique formulation and brand positioning. 


If you are a Bottler or a Distributor you are welcome to contact BPI and join our B2B Global Platform.  


BPI is your unique opportunity to revolutionize your beverage business.

BPI portfolio offers – Raybu Energy BCAA Drink, Chahoo Craft Cola, Eyes Open Energy, Ragnar non-alcoholic beer, Craft beer brands using Sandymount technologies and other unique beverage brands.

To learn more about BPI CONNECT https://wordpress-469674-1473135.cloudwaysapps.com

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