BPI partners with world-renowned tea brand Dilmah for iced tea launch

BPI has the great pleasure of announcing that moving forward, it will hold the licensing opportunity for world-leading tea brand Dilmah.


Originally a small Sri Lankan tea grower, Dilmah has grown to become a brand leader in the beverage industry, instantly recognisable the world over and enjoyed in over 100 countries. Today, it brings the knowledge and experience gained by over 30 years of understanding and delighting consumers to provide a new opportunity within the rapidly growing Iced Tea category. 


The global market for Iced Tea is estimated at over 60 billion litres and is projected to see still more growth alongside consumer demand for products that enable a healthy lifestyle. Rising awareness regarding the sugar content of beverages has been linked to increased consumption of Iced Tea, and the development of new products and flavours within the category is set to create huge opportunities for beverage industry players. 

Dilmah – Premium Ceylon Hand-picked Iced Tea

Today’s consumers are looking for new beverage options that allow them to cut back on sweet and sugary juice beverages, without losing the exciting flavour combinations or on-the-go convenience. Like Dilmah’s hot tea offering, the Elixir of Ceylon Iced Tea range is made from hand-picked, traditional loose tea leaves, meaning it maintains the full flavour and antioxidants of brewed tea. High quality ingredients are synonymous with the Dilmah brand, with the natural sweetness of Dilmah Iced Tea coming from combination of honey, cane sugar and stevia to provide a low-calorie chilled beverage (below 20 calories per 100ml).


With demand for craft beer and other craft beverages growing across the world, Dilmah’s iced tea provides a unique offering that plays into consumer demand for individualized products. Rather than a ‘one-size fits all’ iced tea product, a range of delicious fruit flavours such as peach, ginger & apple, rose & vanilla, mango and others are blended with hand-picked tea leaf blends to create perfectly matched flavor combinations. 


Offering delicious craft soft drinks without compromising on ingredients, flavors or health benefits, Dilmah Iced Tea is an ideal prospect for exciting new beverage options from a brand that consumers know they can trust.

BPI - A Cutting-Edge Portfolio

Today’s consumers want unique, relevant, and inspiring brands. They are thirsty for new concepts and new tastes, and they are looking for well-crafted brands that can cater to increasingly specialized market segments. The future of beverages lies in identifying these emerging micro-trends and monopolizing the opportunities they offer – whether a new functional health ingredient, a specific consumption opportunity during the day, or a new take on an existing beverage category.


That’s where BPI comes in. 


BPI’s portfolio contains some of the global beverage industry’s most innovative brands, and with an extensive network connecting some of the largest independent bottlers and brands in the world, it has the means to deliver them. By implementing our vast experience and knowledge, we hope to help you enjoy the same success.

If you are a Bottler or a Distributor, we invite you to contact BPI and join us for a unique opportunity to revolutionize your beverage business.

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