Interview: BPI on the opportunities facing independent beverage brands today

Moshy Cohen, CEO of Beverage Partners International, in an interview to FOODBEV Media in ANUGA, Cologne, October 2019.

Moshy is talking about today’s best practice to grow an International Beverage Business and the future of the fast-growing Cannabis Beverage Market

About BPI-

The independent beverage group.

When you join BPI platform, you become a part of a large international group of beverage companies cooperating on all aspects of the business.


By having access to BPI resources you will be able to increase the company’s value with international expansion by presenting your brands to the largest bottlers and beverage distributors from all over the world, create a competitive brands portfolio by expanding your portfolio with proven successful brands and so much more!


BPI represents some of the most innovative brands in the beverage world with a proven success record. Our brands portfolio is focused on Craft & Functional Beverages with unique formulation and brand positioning. 


If you are a Bottler or a Distributor you are welcome to contact BPI and join our B2B Global Platform.  


BPI is your unique opportunity to revolutionize your beverage business.

BPI portfolio offers – Raybu Energy BCAA Drink, Chahoo Craft Cola, Eyes Open Energy, Ragnar non-alcoholic beer, Craft beer brands using Sandymount technologies and other unique beverage brands.

To learn more about BPI CONNECT https://wordpress-469674-1473135.cloudwaysapps.com

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    About BPI

    We have created an extensive network of some of the largest independent bottlers and brands in the world.


    Consumers are now looking for the most unique, relevant, and inspiring brands.


    BPI aims to present a portfolio of the most innovative brands in the beverage industry.

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