Beyond Beer: Why Progressive Breweries Diversify

A major trend is brewing within the beer industry.
The craft beer movement, which has seen double-digit growth over the past decade, has reached a certain level of saturation. In order to maintain growth, reach new markets and customers, and meet the changing tastes of drinkers all over the world, brewers explore new opportunities and categories within craft beverages.

BPI: A Next-Generation Beverage Hub
At BPI, we have witnessed the diversification of the beverage industry firsthand as our innovation hub of beverage brands has grown and developed. Consumers are thirsty for new drinking experiences, whether that’s the latest wellness ingredient, performance product or a different kind of buzz offered by cannabis drinks.


The key brewers are, by definition, creatives. They are always searching for the next flavour, the next ingredient, the next new recipe, to continue to delight existing and new customers. Diversification is an opportunity for breweries to elevate their identity – from single-discipline specialist into trailblazing trend-leader.


Formulating new beverages in-house, however, requires time, knowledge and resources, particularly when it comes to real innovations and heavily regulated new product categories like cannabis drinks.


BPI is a next-generation beverage incubator. An international hub for meaningful brands and global expansion.


Our partners are on the frontlines of the beverage industry. With a proven success record, we are fueled by our dedication to health, wellness and social responsibility. Our mission is to bring innovative, healthy, tasty beverages to the world.


Our partners include Dilmah Tea, Sumol+Compal, Boost Drinks, SoPro protein water, Green Monke and others – spanning functional, wellness and performance categories, with a specialist cannabis beverages arm.


At BPI, we are uniquely positioned to provide unmatched expertise on brand building, R&D, commercial, retail, wholesale and manufacturing. When you join the BPI international hub, you become part of a global partnership, gaining access to all the knowledge and know-how of our brand partners across the world. We offer a super-fast route to market, so you can meet untapped needs of today’s health-engaged consumers, and build a competitive brand portfolio with proven, successful brands.

BPI is headquartered in Israel and Ireland, with regional offices strategically located around the world in key locations, including Singapore, London, Delhi, Manila, Johannesburg, and Vilnius.

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