Canada’s final regulations on edible cannabis provide invaluable insight into the future of cannabis/CBD infused beverage brands

Canada’s strict regulations on edible cannabis send a strong message that all cannabis/CBC infused beverage brand owners need to hear. Chances are that most countries will follow Canada’s lead and we therefore have an opportunity to prepare our beverage manufacturing strategies in advance. Even though the regulations are quite overwhelming, we at BPI believe that they open up a broad spectrum of opportunities.


  • Since cannabis products are forbidden to be associated with alcoholic brands, there is market niche within which cannabis beverages can flourish.

  • There is a sound opportunity for non-breweries and non-alcoholic beverages to transform into adult brands.

  • Brand owners can use onset/offset of cannabis as a market differentiator.

  • The beverage industry is going to exponentially expand. Beyond vitamins and minerals, terpenes open up a whole new world of opportunities.

Canada's final regulations on edible cannabis

Type of regulationEdible cannabis (eating or drinking)
THC limit • 10 mg of THC per package
Product rules • No added vitamins or minerals
• No nicotine or added alcohol
• Limits on caffeine
Packaging • Child-resistant
• Plain
Label • Standardized cannabis symbol for products containing THC
• Health Warning Message
• THC/CBD content
• Equivalency to dried cannabis to determine public possession limit
• Ingredient list
• Allergens
• Nutrition Facts Table
Other • Must not be appealing to youth
• Must not make health claims
• No elements that would associate the product with alcoholic beverages, tobacco products, or vaping products
• Must not make dietary claims
• Must not make cosmetic claims

Disclaimer: This is not a complete list of the regulatory rules for each class of cannabis. It is also not a complete list of product examples. For more information on the amendments to the Cannabis Regulations, please visit Canada.ca/Cannabis.

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